Evansville Museum Mid-States Art Exhibition

A new typewritten portrait by Leslie Nichols will be on display in the 57th MID-STATES ART EXHIBITION at the Evansville Museum. Her piece, Kathy (Stanton 1892), was chosen for the competition by artist and educator Ephraim Rubenstein. This portrait of artist Kathleen Swift is created with text from "The Solitude of Self" written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1892.

First inaugurated in 1948, the purpose of the MID-STATES ART EXHIBITION was to showcase emerging artists from the Evansville area, including artists from  Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, or Tennessee. Over the years, the objects collected through the Mid-States Exhibitions have created a wonderful and extensive collection of contemporary works by artists from a variety of educational backgrounds and talents.  Many of the objects can be viewed in the Permanent Collection galleries of the Evansville Museum.